ⓘ Fumian District

Fumian District

ⓘ Fumian District

Fumian District is a district of the prefecture-level city of Yulin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It governs an area of 787 square kilometres and has a population of 397.000. It is the largest base for clothing manufacturing in Guangxi, and claims to be the "trousers capital of the world". In 2010 its total GDP was 4.56 billion yuan.

  • Fangcheng Zhuang language: Fangzcwngz Gih is a district of the city of Fangchenggang, Guangxi, China. The district was the county Fangcheng postal: Fongshing
  • Yufeng District simplified Chinese: 鱼峰区 traditional Chinese: 魚峰區 pinyin: Yufēng Qū Standard Zhuang: Yizfungh Gih is one of four districts of Liuzhou
  • Pinggui District Chinese: 平桂区 pinyin: Pingguì qū Zhuang: Bingzgvei Gih is one of two urban districts of the city of Hezhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous
  • Lingui District Chinese: 临桂区 pinyin: Linguì Qū is a district administered by Guilin, Guangxi, China, and located midway between Guilin and Yangshuo
  • Yinhai District simplified Chinese: 银海区 traditional Chinese: 銀海區 pinyin: Yinhǎi Qū literally: Silver sea Cantonese: Ngan Hoi Zhuang: Yinzhaij Gih
  • Chinese: 港南 pinyin: Gǎngnan literally: harbour Guigang south is a district of Guigang, Guangxi, People s Republic of China, covering part of the southern
  • Youjiang District simplified Chinese: 右江区 traditional Chinese: 右江區 pinyin: Youjiāng Qū, Zhuang: Yougyangh Gih is the municipal district of Baise, Guangxi
  • Liangqing District simplified Chinese: 良庆区 traditional Chinese: 良慶區 pinyin: Liangqìng Qū Standard Zhuang: Liengzcing Gih is one of 7 districts of the
  • Jiangzhou District simplified Chinese: 江州区 traditional Chinese: 江州區 pinyin: Jiāngzhōu Qū, zhuang: Gyanghcouh Gih is a district and the seat of Chongzuo

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