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Dartmouth East is a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. The riding is located in the Dartmouth region of the Halifax RM.

In 1978 the district was established to provide increased representation of six members. In 2003, he lost the Northern district of Waverley-fall river and got a area in Woodlawn. In 2013, in accordance with the recommendations of the electoral boundary Commission report, he got the Portobello area from Waverley-fall river-beaver Bank and lost the area East of bell Lake to Cole-harbour-Portland valley and it lost the area North of main Street and East of Caledonia to Geovex court in Preston-Dartmouth.

  • information on a number of student groups at Dartmouth College. For more information on athletic teams, please see Dartmouth College athletic teams. For more information
  • Hopkins Center for the Arts. To the east lies the historic Dartmouth Row buildings, composed Wentworth Hall, Dartmouth Hall, Thornton Hall, and Reed Hall
  • home of Dartmouth Big Green football and outdoor track teams. The athletic teams at Dartmouth College compete in the Ivy League. In 1893, Dartmouth alumni
  • New Hampshire Dartmouth The Dartmouth New Hampshire rivalry is an intrastate college sports rivalry between the Dartmouth Big Green and New Hampshire
  • Dartmouth Dam is a large rock - fill embankment dam with an uncontrolled chute spillway across the Mitta Mitta, Gibbo, and Dart rivers, the Morass Creek
  • as champions of the East Dartmouth finished ranked 14th in both major polls, their first ranked finish since 1943. 1970 Dartmouth Big Green Schedule
  • The traditions of Dartmouth College, an American Ivy League college in Hanover, New Hampshire, are deeply entrenched in the student life of the institution
  • The 1965 Dartmouth Indians football team represented Dartmouth College during the 1965 college football season. The Indians were led by 11th - year head
  • For the 1956 conference on artificial intelligence, see Dartmouth workshop. The Dartmouth Conference is the longest continuous bilateral dialogue between

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