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Heimbach is a town in the district of Duren of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located on the river Rur, in the Eifel hills, approx. 20 km south of Duren. Heimbach has the smallest population of any town in North Rhine-Westphalia. The districts of the city are Blens, Duttling, Hasenfeld, Hausen, Hergarten and Vlatten, which prior to 1972 were villages with their own administration. Between Hausen and Hergarten lies the hamlet of Walbig, and between Hasenfeld and Schmidt is the hamlet of Buschfelder Hof, which formerly belonged to Blens.

Heimbach and castle Hengebach city was the residence of a local noble family which has inherited County of jülich in 1207, with Heimbach annexed to the County, later Duchy of 1237.

After the fire of 1687 the city of Heimbach was rebuilt to house all the population of the city, however, the castle of Hengebach was left a ruin until 1904 when restoration work began. Now restored, the castle is owned and operated as a tourist attraction of the city of Heimbach. The castle is located on a rocky cliff in the center of Heimbach. Today it is used as a restaurant and a venue for community events. There are also castles in the villages Blens, Hausen and Vlatten, now part of Heimbach.

Heimbach is an important town for pilgrims who visit the monastery of Mariawald and the statue of the virgin Mary in the Church of Heimbach.

The mayor of Heimbach is currently Burt Zull CDU. The Council of Heimbach contains of 11 members of the Christian democratic Union, 3 members of the SPD, member of the green Party, 3 members of the FDP and 2 members of the PA.

Heimbach is an ideal city for tourists, especially on day trips from the nearby cities of Cologne, Aachen and düsseldorf as well as from the Netherlands. The main attractions are the Eifel national Park, the art Nouveau power station, dam of RUR, the monastery of Mariawald and castle Hengebach. Known Spannungenvoltages English concerts which take place in plants, is also popular and attracted musicians such as Sharon Cam, Lars Vogt or Sabine Meyer.

The villages of Hausen and Blens, Heimbach located in the North, offers a magnificent view of the rocky outcrops that are now part of a nature reserve. One of the many campgrounds around Heimbach lies in the shadow of these rocks.

Most residents of Heimbach are Roman Catholics part of the Church in Saint Heimbach Clemens, Hausen St. Nikolaus, St. Vlatten Dinysius and St. Hergarten Martin and the chapel of Saint George Hasenfeld Blens of St. John of Nepomuk, Duttling St. Apollonia and St. Michael Vlatten.

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  • dedicated to streets, parks and the like. Clockwise from the north, these are Heimbach to the north, Fohren - Linden to the east, Rohrbach and Ruckweiler to the
  • few more running to Heimbach In the 1987 88 timetable two trains ran from Dusseldorf to Heimbach each day and four from Heimbach to Dusseldorf, with
  • intersection of the Cologne Aachen high - speed line with the lines to Linnich, Heimbach and Euskirchen. Until 1992 it was also connected to the Erft Railway. The
  • Kirchengrundbach right headstream Steinbach right Hohlenbach left Heimbach left List of rivers of Bavaria Complete table of the Bavarian Waterbody
  • over 10 years, was Wayne Heimbach an organizer with Service Employees International Union SEIU Local 73 at the time. Heimbach much like his predecessors
  • Mountains. The Rur Eifel geographically includes the towns of Nideggen, Heimbach and Schleiden as well as the municipalities of Hurtgenwald, Kreuzau and
  • am Main to Cologne. The town has 13 suburban administrative districts: Heimbach - Weis, Gladbach, Engers, Oberbieber, Niederbieber, Torney, Segendorf, Altwied

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