ⓘ Substation 7

Substation 7

ⓘ Substation 7

Substation 7 is a traction substation located at 1782 Third Avenue at 99th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The Manhattan Railway Company built it in order to electrify the Second, Third and Ninth Avenue elevated lines. It served as a power source for the IRT Lexington Avenue Line from 1918 until the 1970s. It originally converted 25 Hz AC power from the 74th Street power station, to DC for the electric motors. The substation is owned by the MTA and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations It is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission s IEC
  • Union City substation caused the problem, but did not further elaborate on the nature of the malfunction. Low system voltages beginning at 7 45 am on Tuesday
  • one over Skollenborg railway substation and Noragutu Substation to Neslandsvatn Substation and the other to Asker substation which has an interesting track
  • Two new substations were also constructed. Limon III came into service in 2014 with an additional 200 MW of capacity. It consists of 118 GE 1. 7 MW wind
  • electricity substation at Walpole, Norfolk, which began in April 2009. In June 2010 Siemens obtained the contract for the offshore electrical substation 101 million
  • rebuilding the Kajaki Substation replacing the 20kV line from the Kajaki Substation to Tangi a new switchyard at Tangi a new substation at Musa Qal eh a
  • near Wellington, New Zealand. It is notable for its large electrical substation which is the main switching point for the Wellington region, and the
  • Geographic Names 7 th ed. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society Press. p. 964. ISBN 978 - 0875952772. Tonquin Electric Transformer Substation Oregon Historic
  • three 5 kV street lighting substation buildings, Coorparoo Substation No. 10 was the first BCC 11 kV public lighting substation building, and by 1940, there

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