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Winchester City Police

ⓘ Winchester City Police

Winchester City Police was the police force of Winchester, Hampshire, England from 1832 to 1943.

City of Winchester became the first place in Hampshire to set the police, four years before any other part of the country, and seven years before the County party was created at the end of 1839.

This force was created by superintendent Robert Buchanan and seven constables on 28 July 1832. They gave the office at the Old town Hall now Lloyds Bank to run power.

Forces almost folded due to lack of funds, but with the law On municipal corporations, 1835, Winchester formed a watch Committee and was able to provide funds to keep the police. Money has always been a cause for concern for the Winchester police, when Hampshire was established in 1839, the County Council tried to include the Winchester police, but the Committee of the city watch always voted for the maintenance of an independent police.

In 1873 Winchester built a new town hall, which included a specially built police station with cells and a barracks for one officer. One of the constables wife paid for the maid, one of the officers contributed to the Fund cleaner to act as a governess for them. By this time, the creation of the force was more than doubled.

In the new police force will serve Winchester for almost 100 years until the 1960-ies.

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