ⓘ 114 (number)

114 (number)

ⓘ 114 (number)

  • 114 is a repdigit in base 7 222.
  • 114 is an abundant number, a sphenic number and a Harshad number. It is the sum of the first four hyperfactorials, including H0. At 114, the Mertens function sets a new low of -6, a record that stands until 197.
  • 114 is the smallest positive integer* which has yet to be represented as a³ + b³ + c³, where a, b, and c are integers. It is conjectured that 114 can be represented this way. *Excluding integers of the form 9k ± 4, for which solutions are known not to exist.
  • 114 appears in the Padovan sequence, preceded by the terms 49, 65, 86 it is the sum of the first two of these.
  • There is no answer to the equation φx = 114, making 114 a nontotient.

1. In other fields

One hundred fourteen is also
  • G.114 is an ITU recommendation for acceptable delays for voice application in telecommunications
  • The online and telephone directory number in Israel.
  • The number of Surah Chapters in the Quran Holy book of Islam
  • Cadmium-114m is a radioisotope and nuclear isomer with a halflife of 14.1 years
  • The atomic number of flerovium
  • The maximum number of points a team can obtain in one season in the Premier League.
  • The medical emergency/ambulance number in Mauritius
  • The police non-emergency number in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • The number of logion in the Gospel of Thomas
  • The fire emergency telephone number in Vietnam
  • The Praga E. 114 was a single - engine sport airplane, designed and manufactured by the Czechoslovakian company ČKD - Praga. Due to its light weight it was
  • Rail Class 114 diesel multiple units were built by BR Derby from September 1956 to July 1957. Forty - nine 2 - car units were built, numbered E50001 - 49 for
  • Route 114 A is an alternate state route to Rhode Island Route 114 located along the Massachusetts  Rhode Island border in East Providence, RI and Seekonk
  • 114 th Jager Division German: 114 Jager - Division was a light infantry division of the German Army in World War II. It was formed in April 1943, following
  • National Highway 114 NH 114 is a National Highway in India. It links Mallarpur, Mayureswar, Sainthia, Prantik, Bolpur, Bhedia, Guskhara, Talit and Barddhaman
  • K - 114 Tula К - 114 Тула is a Project 667BDRM Delfin - class NATO reporting name: Delta - IV nuclear - powered ballistic missile submarine SSBN As such
  • Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 114 P. Oxy. 114 or P. Oxy. I 114 is a letter concerning pawned property, written in Greek and discovered in Oxyrhynchus. The manuscript
  • The 114 th Fighter Wing 114 FW is a unit of the South Dakota Air National Guard, stationed at Joe Foss Field Air National Guard Station, Sioux Falls

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