ⓘ 19th Venice International Film Festival


ⓘ 19th Venice International Film Festival

  • Carlos Fernandez Cuenca Spain
  • Sergei Vasilyev Russia
  • Friedrich Luft Germany
  • Alberto Lattuada Italy
  • Piero Gadda Conti Italy
  • Jean Gremillon France head of jury
  • Hidemi Ina Japan

1. Awards

  • Golden Lion
  • Rickshaw Man Hiroshi Inagaki
  • Special Jury Prize
  • The Lovers Louis Malle
  • La sfida Francesco Rosi
  • Volpi Cup
  • Best Actor - Alec Guinness - The Horses Mouth
  • Best Actress - Sophia Loren - The Black Orchid
  • Best Actress - Jeanne Moreau - The Lovers
  • New Cinema Award
  • Best Film - Vlci jama Jiei Weiss
  • San Giorgio Prize
  • La sfida Francesco Rosi
  • Vlci jama Jiei Weiss
  • FIPRESCI Prize
  • Pasinetti Award
  • Parallel Sections - Wild Strawberries Ingmar Bergman & Weddings and Babies Morris Engel
  • Rosemary Rolf Thiele
  • Weddings and Babies Morris Engel
  • Italian Cinema Clubs Award
  • The Cannes Festival kæn French: Festival de Cannes until 2003 called the International Film Festival Festival international du film and known
  • referred to as International Festival of Contemporary Music the Venice Film Festival in 1932, which they claim as the first film festival in history, also
  • The Cairo International Film Festival Arabic: مهرجان القاهرة السينمائي الدولي is an annual internationally accredited film festival held in Cairo Opera
  • Postcards from the Venice Film Festival Time. Archived from the original on 20 September 2014. Venice in the movies: 10 films that feature the city
  • The 39 th annual Toronto International Film Festival was held in Canada from 4 14 September 2014. David Dobkin s film The Judge, starring Robert Downey
  • The Brooklyn Film Festival BFF prior to 2011 called the Brooklyn International Film Festival BiFF is an independent film festival held every June

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