ⓘ Kiki's Delivery Service (2014 film)

Kiki's Delivery Service (2014 film)

ⓘ Kikis Delivery Service (2014 film)

Kikis Delivery Service is a Japanese film released in 2014. It was directed by Takashi Shimizu and based on the childrens fantasy novel of the same name.


1. Cast

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto as Fukuo, her husband
  • Rie Miyazawa as Kokiri
  • Tadanobu Asano as Dr. Ishi
  • LiLiCo as voice of radio DJ
  • Fuka Koshiba as Kiki
  • Machiko Ono as Osono, the baker
  • Minako Kotobuki as voice of Jiji the cat
  • Michitaka Tsutsui as Okino
  • Ryōhei Hirota as Tombo
  • Miho Kanazawa as Saki

2. Release

Kikis Delivery Service was released in Japan on March 1, 2014. It was the third highest-grossing film on its release in Japan, making ¥128 million US$1.25 million from 117.000 admissions on 281 screens.


3. Reception

Film Business Asia gave the film a four out of ten rating, referring to the film as "bland, charmless and undramatic". The review stated that actress Fuka Koshiba was "way too mature for the 13-year-old, waifish Kiki and has a forced perkiness that drags the action down" and stated that "the visual and special effects are more run-of-the-mill 20th century than state-of-the-art 21st". Variety gave the film a negative review, noting "its charmless heroine, leaden storytelling and dime-store production values unlikely to bewitch anyone except tiny tots."