ⓘ Revolutionary Workers' Party (Russia)

Revolutionary Workers' Party (Russia)

ⓘ Revolutionary Workers Party (Russia)

The Revolutionary Workers Party) was a Russian Trotskyist organisation established in 1999. From 2002 to 2011 there were two active organisations called the Revolutionary Workers Party. In April 2011, activists from one of the two, centred in Perm, merged their organisation into the Russian Socialist Movement. The other faction, based in Moscow, merged into the International Marxist Tendency in May 2019.


1. Origins and early activity

The origins of the RWP lie in a series of splits in an earlier Russian Troskyist organisation, the Committee for Workers Democracy and International Socialism. At the seventh congress of the CWDIS in January 1999, in light of the recent splits, a decision was taken to reform the organisation as the Revolutionary Workers Party, and to join the Committee for a Marxist International. In 2002 the RWP split into three organisations: RWP Moscow, RWP Perm, and a Marxist group called Workers Democracy. The latter group was the only one to remain a member of the Committee for a Marxist International.


2. RWP Perm

The RWP in Perm primarily focused on tenants movements. Activists from the RWP participated in the creation and operation of the Coordinating Council of Protest Actions in the City of Perm and the Perm Council of Hostels, as well as actively participating in the opposition All-Russian Union of Coordinating Councils. The RWP also worked closely with the Defence of Labour Association of Trade Unions. The party published a newspaper called Workers Democracy.

In 2007, a number of student activists left the organisation to form a new Marxist group, the Communist Initiative. In December 2007, members of the CI joined Sotsialisticheskoye Soprotivleniye Socialist Resistance, becoming its branch in Perm. On April 1, 2011, both the RWP Perm and Sotsialisticheskoye Soprotivleniye joined the Russian Socialist Movement, uniting to become the Perm regional branch of the RSM.


3. RWP Moscow

The headquarters of the organisation are based in Moscow; however, branches also exist in Saint Petersburg, Togliatti, Pskov and Voronezh, as well as in Moldova and Kyrgyzstan. The organisation participates in workers and tenants movements. In the labour movement, RWP Moscow works inside the official Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia and maintains a critical stance towards alternative trade union associations. The party publishes the newspaper Workers Democracy, as well as a number of regional and factory-based newspapers.

The Revolutionary Workers Party was featured in the popular English left-wing newspaper Jacobin.

At its XIII Congres on May 3-4 May, 2019, the party voted to fuse with the Russian section of the International Marxist Tendency and for the united party to affiliate to the IMT

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