ⓘ Wanzhou District

Wanzhou District

ⓘ Wanzhou District

Wanzhou District is Chongqings second most populated urban core area on the upper reaches of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in China. It is currently governed as a district of Chongqing Municipality, bordering Sichuan to the northwest and Hubei to the southeast. It was formerly known as Wanxian or Wan County. Prior to Chongqings formation as a direct-controlled municipality, Wanzhou was part of Sichuan province. The urban core of Wanzhou is 228 km away from Chongqings city proper.

"Wenzhou" literally means "many-Prefecture", where "a myriad rivers converge and a lot of dealers are collecting" 万川毕汇、万商云集. Due to the construction of the dam the Three gorges dam, 47% of Wanzhous old urban area will be underwater by the time the reservoir is filled. Houses in the flooded district were demolished and new ones rebuilt on higher level.

  • Fengdu County to the southwest, Zhong County to the northwest and Wanzhou District to the north to the east, it borders the Hubei county - level city of
  • and historical site in Hunan, China Wuling, Chongqing 武陵镇 town in Wanzhou District Wuling, Guangxi 武陵镇 town in Binyang County Wuling, Henan 五陵镇
  • Hanzhong both in Shaanxi to the north, Chengkou County, Kai County, and Wanzhou District of Chongqing to the east, the Chongqing counties of Liangping and Dianjiang
  • intersects with the non designated Wanzhou - Kai County Expressway. It then heads south and bypasses Wanzhou District At Qinggangba Interchange, the G42
  • is a freight - only railway station on the Yichang - Wanzhou Railway. It is located in Dianjun District of the city of Yichang, in Hubei Province of People s
  • direct - controlled municipality he was then named deputy governor of Wanzhou District then governor, then the party chief. Considered a political survivor
  • Freeway and other two freeways are intersected in Changshou area. Chongqing - Wanzhou Railway is under construction to provide transportation for businesses
  • deputy governor of Sichuan Province. They had two children: daughter Meng Wanzhou and son Ren Ping, both of whom took up their mother s surname. After their
  • 318 and China National Highway 209 as unstable and unsafe in: Yichang - Wanzhou Railway SEIA Archived 2009 - 08 - 07 at the Wayback Machine Asian Development
  • Sichuan and Chongqing with Eastern China. After the completion of Yichang - Wanzhou Railway the line s importance decreased slightly but many conventional

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