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Bergkamen is a town in the district of Unna, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated near the river Lippe, approx. 15 km north-east of Dortmund and 15 km south-west of Hamm.

Bergkamen, a fairly new town in the Eastern part of the Ruhr area and in the South of the münsterland, was founded in 1966 by the merging of at first five smaller communities. Urban history, however, dates back to ancient Roman times - this can be experienced by visiting the City Museum Bergkamen, which has a large Roman Department, and nearby archaeological sites, in" Roemerlager".

  • Computerkunst Computer Art, Gladbeck as part of Ruhr.2010 Stadtmuseum Bergkamen 2006 07, 2011 GroSe Kunstausstellung NRW Dusseldorf, Museum Kunst Palast
  • Trier. It has a great organ built by Alfred Fuhrer that was once found in Bergkamen The Hasborn Mill Hasborner Muhle standing on the Sammetbach and used
  • the Deutschen Bergbaumuseum in Bochum 1948 1952: Pit Grimberg 1 2 in Bergkamen 1950: Tower Zeche Friedlicher Nachbar in Bochum - Linden 1953: Social offices
  • monument. Gornik Wieliczka - football club Wieliczka is twinned with: Bergkamen Germany Saint - Andre - lez - Lille, France Sesto Fiorentino, Italy Litovel
  • been translated into more than a dozen languages. Drewermann was born in Bergkamen near Dortmund. He is best known in Germany for his work toward a non - violent
  • organisation s remit was later expanded to include mining colleges in Bergkamen Duisburg and Recklinghausen. WBK was also active in the field of applied
  • There are two streets named after Hilde Meise, Hilda - Monte - StraSe in Bergkamen and Hilda - Monte - Weg in the Bergedorf quarter of Hamburg. There is a memorial
  • temporary sculpture, brick doorpost with integrated plate and entryphone, Bergkamen - Heil DE 2002 curtain mov., permanent installation, slow moving curtain
  • contractor Werner Wiesenkamp, who runs a small construction company in Bergkamen in the district of Unna. Since Kummel, Kalle and Horst are constantly
  • 30Works Gallery, Cologne. 2017 - Sympathy for the Rebel, so Museum of Bergkamen 2017 - Oxidated Optimism, so Ahoy Gallery, Palma. 2017 - Art Bodensee

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