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Alsenborn is a village forming part of the municipality of Enkenbach-Alsenborn within the district of district of Kaiserslautern in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It has a population of 2.750. Until 1969 Alsenborn was an independent parish before merging with Enkenbach under the administrative reforms in the state. Alsenborn is known country-wide for its circus troupes, the football team of SV Alsenborn, which competed for promotion to the premier league in 1970, and as the home town of Fritz Walter, the 1954 captain of the German Football Team and World Cup champions.

  • were: BSC Oppau VfR Friesenheim FSV Schifferstadt Phonix Bellheim SV Alsenborn TuS Hochspeyer SpVgg Idar Palatia Bohl SC Oberstein 08 SC West - Kaiserslautern
  • bars: this route runs from Gollheim to Eppenbrunn. Its waypoints include Alsenborn Frankenstein, Schwarzsohl Hut PWV Breitenstein, EuSerthal, Rinnthal
  • accessed: 18 March 2009 Bold teams are promoted to the 2. Bundesliga. 1 SV Alsenborn was denied the 2. Bundesliga licence. Source: DSFS Liga - Chronik in German
  • Jockgrim, Jockgrim Schloss Weingarten, Weingarten Palatinate Alsenborn Castle, Enkenbach - Alsenborn Diemerstein Castle, Frankenstein Frankenstein Castle, Frankenstein
  • LandesstraSe 395 state road, which links Eisenberg in the east with Enkenbach - Alsenborn in the west, run past above the lake to the north. The L 395 goes to the
  • bomb was found during construction near the train station in Enkenbach - Alsenborn Stripes article on another found in Einseidlerhof, suburb of Kaiserslautern
  • publication in Athens. Association football club SV Alsenborn was established in Enkenbach - Alsenborn Germany. Born: Fausto Coppi, Italian cyclist, five - time
  • 06298 Mockmuhl 0630 06301 Otterbach 06302 Winnweiler 06303 Enkenbach - Alsenborn Mehlingen 06307 Geiselberg, Krickenbach, Linden, Schmalenberg, Schopp
  • Leverkusen Hertha BSC SV Alsenborn SpVgg Bayern Hof 1968 69 VfL Osnabruck Rot - Weiss Oberhausen Hertha Zehlendorf SV Alsenborn Karlsruher SC 1969 70 VfL

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