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ⓘ Osthofen

Osthofen is a town in the middle of the Wonnegau in the Alzey-Worms district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Since 1 July 2014 it is part of the Verbandsgemeinde Wonnegau. Osthofen was raised to town on 24 October 1970.

  • was interned twice in concentration camps. First interred in a camp in Osthofen in 1933, he was later imprisoned in Buchenwald in 1938. Together with his
  • Historic Places in 2010. Louis P. Best was born in 1848 in present - day Osthofen Germany, and was educated in Stuttgart and Berlin. He came to the United
  • after Lichtenstein Castle. The Leckzapfen vineyard house constructed at Osthofen in 1891 in Worms in Rhenish Hesse is almost a miniature version of the
  • strong argument that before 1709 the family lived in a village called Osthofen one mile from the west bank of the River Rhine and five miles north of
  • region. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Wonnegau, whose seat is in Osthofen Gundersheim has an outlying centre called Enzheim, which was once a separate
  • Neue Bremm Neuengamme Neuhaus Neumarkt Neumunster Nordhausen Oranienburg Osthofen Ostfriesland 36 cemeteries of the Polish 1st Armoured Division Perl Prenzlau
  • Ludwigshafen am Rhein with Mainz. Until 1969, Gimbsheim had a railway link on the Osthofen Rheindurkheim Guntersblum line. Gimbsheim is well linked by bus route 432
  • detention. In October 1933 he was taken into the concentration camp at Osthofen near Worms Later on he was held at the prison in Darmstadt for slightly
  • and traitors to the Fatherland, resulting in their being delivered to Osthofen Concentration Camp. When the Second World War ended, the roughly 80 dead

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