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Arts in education

Arts in education is an expanding field of educational research and practice informed by investigations into learning through arts experiences. In this context, the arts can include Performing arts education, literature and poetry, storytelling, Visual arts education in film, craft, design, digital arts, media and photography. It is distinguished from art education by being not so much about teaching art, but focused on: how to improve learning through the arts how to transfer learning in and through the arts to other disciplines discovering and creating understanding of human behavior, th ...


Center for Education Policy Analysis

The Center for Education Policy Analysis is a research center at the Stanford Graduate School of Education dedicated to action-oriented research on education policies. CEPAs research focuses on the impact of poverty and inequality on educational achievement, the evaluation of federal and state education policy, teaching and leadership effectiveness, and technological innovations in education. CEPA was established in 2009 as part of the Stanford Challenge, a multidisciplinary initiative at Stanford University aimed at improving K-12 education. It is ranked as the 10th most influential educa ...


Central composite design

In statistics, a central composite design is an experimental design, useful in response surface methodology, for building a second order model for the response variable without needing to use a complete three-level factorial experiment. After the designed experiment is performed, linear regression is used, sometimes iteratively, to obtain results. Coded variables are often used when constructing this design.


Centre for High Performance

The Centre for High Performance is a research group of senior faculty at Kingston University, Duke CE, London Business School, and Green Templeton College, Oxford University that specialises in organisational performance and works with British Boxing, Eton College, the Royal College of Art, and the Royal Shakespeare Company among others. Founded by Alex Hill, Professor at Kingston University and Ben Laker, Professor at Henley Business School, contributions are made from Liz Mellon, executive director at Duke Corporate Education; Jules Goddard, Fellow at London Business School and Terry Hil ...


Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is an ongoing statewide research project founded by Dr. Aydin Bal in 2011. The purpose of CRPBIS is to re-mediate school cultures that reproduce behavioral outcome disparities and marginalization of non-dominant students and families. CRPBIS project is conducted at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the School of Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison. CRPBIS develops, utilizes, and researches processes and interventions such as Learning Lab to create locally meaningful and sustainable systemic transformatio ...


Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction is a field within education which seeks to research, develop, and implement curriculum changes that increase student achievement within and outside schools. The field focuses on how students learn and the best ways to educate. It is also interested in new trends in teaching and learning process. It tries to find answers to questions such as "why to teach", "what to teach", "how to teach" and "how to evaluate" in instructional process. Masters degrees and doctorates are offered at a number of universities.