ⓘ Labor Party (South Korea)

Labor Party (South Korea)

ⓘ Labor Party (South Korea)

After the New Progressive Party and the Socialist Party voted to unite in 2012, the Labor Party was officially formed the following year. It held its interim party congress on 21 July 2013.

  • Democratic Labor Party South Korea Politics of South Korea List of Korea - related topics Kwon Young - ghil: South Korea National Assemblys in Korean Kwon Young - ghil
  • Lee Yong - gill is a former delegate of the Labor Party in South Korea Hong Sehwa Lee Yong - gill on Facebook in Korean
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  • The Progressive Labor Party PLP is a Marxist Leninist political party based primarily in the United States. It was established in January 1962 as the
  • 36 N 128 E 36 128 South Korea Korean 대한민국 大韓民國 RR: Hanguk or literally 남한 RR: Namhan officially the Republic of Korea 대한민국 RR: Daehan Minguk
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  • Legislative elections in South Korea determine the composition of the National Assembly for the next four years. Any South Korean citizen over the age of
  • elections were held in South Korea on 19 December 2002. The result was a victory for Roh Moo - Hyun of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party who defeated Lee

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