ⓘ Freinsheim


ⓘ Freinsheim

Freinsheim is a town in the Bad Durkheim district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. With about 5.000 inhabitants, it is among the states smaller towns. It is also the seat of the like-named Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality.

  • especially on music theory composer, and jurist. Weber was born at Freinsheim From 1824 to 1839 he was the editor of Cacilia, a musical periodical
  • Philipp Lorenz Geiger 29 August 1785 in Freinsheim 19 January 1836 in Heidelberg was a German pharmacist and chemist known for his work with plant
  • Kunstundhelden gallery, Parallele Welten in 2015 at gallery Zulauf in Freinsheim Gallery Zulauf also presented Kevin Gray at the ArtKarlsruhe Fair in
  • is a private collection of Bing products in the Historic Toy Museum at Freinsheim in Rhineland - Palatinate. Military car, 1914 Clockwork - driven torpedo boat
  • society founded in 1633 in Strassburg by Jesaias Rompler and Johannes Freinsheim - counted Moscherosch along with Johann Matthias Schneuber among its most
  • Kandelgassenfest, GroSkarlbach Mandelblutenfest, Gimmeldingen Stadtmauerfest, Freinsheim Rheingau Rheingauer Weinwoche, Wiesbaden Rheinhessen Weinmarkt Mainz
  • following towns and villages: Bad Durkheim Deidesheim Forst an der WeinstraSe Freinsheim Kallstadt Ruppertsberg Wachenheim Ungstein Lambsheim Kirchheim Bockenheim
  • p. 57. ISBN 9780826418869. Quintus Curtius Rufus Digby, John tr Freinsheim Johann fwd 1747 History of the Wars of Alexander v.II 3rd ed
  • Belley in Aube Heracura at Stockstadt am Rhein, Herecura at Cannstatt, Freinsheim and Rottenburg am Neckar, where the form Herequra is also found. The alternation

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