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Ciudad Constitucion

ⓘ Ciudad Constitucion

Ciudad Constitucion is a city in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. It is the seat of Comondu Municipality. As of 2015, the city had a total population of 44.918 inhabitants. Ciudad Constitucion is a small city which serves as a gateway to Magdalena Bay.

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  • before making landfall just east of La Paz, Baja California Sur, near Ciudad Constitucion in Mexico, exiting over the Gulf of California. Before making a second
  • Panama: Constitucion politica del Estado de Panama de 1855 y Constitucion politica del Estado soberano de Panama de 1863 Cervantes Virtual: Constitucion de
  • course that ran from Constitucion railway station to General Urquiza. Soon after, it was decided to abandon the terminus at Constitucion which also served
  • Parque de la Ciudad is a station on the Buenos Aires Premetro. It was opened on 29 April 1987 together with the other Premetro stations. The station is
  • creating tunnels between Retiro railway station, Once railway station and Constitucion railway station - the three biggest rail terminals of the city. Such

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