ⓘ The Naked Truth (1992 film)


ⓘ The Naked Truth (1992 film)

The Naked Truth is a 1992 comedy film starring Robert Caso and Kevin Schon. Also featured in the film are Zsa Gabor, Lou Ferrigno, Erik Estrada, Ted Lange, Billy Barty, Yvonne De Carlo, Norman Fell, Little Richard, David Birney, M. Emmet Walsh, Dick Gautier, John Vernon and Camilla Sparv among others. It is directed by Nico Mastorakis.


1. Plot

A take-off on Some Like it Hot - the film follows two men who witness a murder, dress up like women to escape, and wind up hiding in the house of a drug dealer.


2. Release

The movie made its premiere on Cinemax on May 3, 1993. The film did not arrive on any format until 1999, when Simitar Video released the film onto DVD. In 2003, Omega Entertainment through Image Entertainment released an extended version of the film onto DVD.

  • starred in the television sitcoms Flying Blind 1992 93 and The Naked Truth 1995 98 Her breakthrough role was in the 1995 action comedy film Bad Boys
  • 1989 he was the bassist of the popular Christian rock band White Heart which he left to become a studio musician and producer. During 1992 - 1993, he played
  • preoccupied by film making. Kamera ceased publication in 1968. He always acknowledged his debt to Pamela Green and said in his biography The Naked Truth Pam
  • 31 March 1958 is a German film actor and tenor. He is the youngest of five siblings from Jerichow Saxony - Anhalt in the former German Democratic Republic
  • 1991 Naked Therapy 1975 The Naked Truth 1914, 1932, 1957 1992 Naked Vengeance 1985 Naked Violence 1969 Naked Weapon 2002 The Naked Witch
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  • Bulletproof. He was also a series regular on the television comedy The Naked Truth His plays Where the Great Ones Run, Parasite Drag, and Rantoul and Die have been

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