ⓘ Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment


ⓘ Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment

Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment is a series of equipment used by the United States Marine Corps for personal load carrying. It comprises the backpack and various attachments carried by an individual Marine in the field. The FILBE was designed as an improvement over the prior ILBE system that was not compatible with the newest body armor systems.

In the FILBE comprises the following components:

  • Main Pack. (Главный Пакет)
  • Frame. (Рамка)
  • USMC Pack System. (Система Обновления КМП США)
  • Hip belt. (Хип пояса)
  • Main Bag. (Основной Мешок)
  • Shoulder Harness Assembly. (Жгут Плеча Ассамблеи)
  • Hydration Bite Valve with Cover.
  • Hydration Bladder System CamelBak.
  • Sustainment Pouch qty. 2.
  • Tube Kit. (Комплект Трубка)
  • Hydration Carrier. (Перевозчик Гидратации)
  • Hydration Pouch qty. 2.
  • Assault Pouch. (Нападение Чехол)
  • 100 oz. Hydration Bladder.
  • Assault Pack. (Нападение Пакет)
  • Tube Holder. (Держатель Трубки)
  • Sub-Belt known as "Girth Hip Belt".
  • Repair kit. (Ремкомплект)
  • 1" Female Snap-on Repairable qty. 2.
  • Grimloc.
  • Toaste Ellipse Cordloc. (Эллипс Toaste Cordloc)
  • 1" Male Techno Grab qty. 2.
  • Sternum Cinch. (Грудины Подпруга)
  • GTLL Split-bar. (GTLL Сплит-бар)
  • USMC Pack Instruction Card.
  • 1" Waveloc Repairable, Male 2 each.
  • USMC Chest Rig Assembly.
  • IMTV / PC Attaching Strap Assembly 2 pair.
  • USMC Chest Rig Repair Kit.
  • 1" Single Bar Repairable, Male 2 each.
  • Chest Rig. (Грудь Установка)
  • Harness Assembly. (Проводка В Сборе)
  • Attaching Strap Assembly for MTV / SPC2 pair.
  • 1" Waveloc Repairable, Female 2 each.
  • 1" Quick Attach Surface Mount 6 each.
  • USMC Chest Rig Instruction Card.
  • 40mm Grenade pouch. (40мм мешок граната)
  • Pop-up Flare pouch. (Поп-до вспышки мешок)
  • Dump pouch. (Дамп мешок)
  • Multi Grenade pouch. (Многофункциональная сумка гранатой)
  • Squad Automatic Weapon SAW / Utility pouch.
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell pouch.
  • USMC Equipment Pouches. (КМП США оборудование мешки)
  • M67 Grenade pouch. (Мешок гранаты M67)
  • M16 / M4 Single / Double Magazine pouch.
  • M16 / M4 Speed Reload Magazine pouch.
  • 9mm 15 Round Magazine pouch.
  • Medical Thigh Rig. (Медицинское Бедро Снаряжение)
  • Narc Pouch. (Мешок Нарик)
  • Modular Medical Pouch. (Модульный Медицинский Подсумок)
  • Small Reversible Pouch Qty. 2.
  • Large Pouch Qty. 2.
  • Medical Assault Pack. (Медицинские Нападение Пакет)
  • Stacked Pocket Panel. (Наборный Карман Панели)
  • Medium Reversible Pouch Qty. 2.
  • USMC Holster. (Носовая кобура)
  • Medical Inserts. (Медицинский Вставками)
  • Double Pocket Panel. (Двойной Карман Панели)
  • Triple Pocket Panel. (Тройной Карман Панели)
  • Elastic Panel Qty. 2.
  • USMC Corpsman Assault System.
  • Medium Pouch Qty. 2.
  • Medical Sustainment Bag. (Медицинское Обеспечение Сумка)
  • Individual Water Purification System.
  • ILMS Improved Launcher Mechanical System ILS Integrated Logistic Support IM Insensitive Munition s IMMLC Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier
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