ⓘ The Match (film)

The Match (film)

ⓘ The Match (film)

In the Scottish village of Inverdoune, teams representing the villages two pubs - Bennys Bar and Le Bistro - have played an annual football game for 99 consecutive years. Under the terms of the original bet, the loser of the 100th match must forfeit their bar to the winner. Facing its 100th consecutive loss, Bennys Bar looks set to be bulldozed and replaced with a car park by the odious owner of Le Bistro, "Gorgeous" George Gus Richard E. Grant. Local boy Wullie Smith Max Beesley returns from university, where he stays at the home of Sheila Bailey, re-igniting his dormant feelings for her daughter Rosemary Laura Fraser. Wullie possesses TFR Total Football Recall - an encyclopedic recollection of football tactics and statistics - and would be an ideal manager for the Bennys Bar team, but he is traumatised by the death of his brother during their childhood and refuses. Also unwilling to help the team is a resident former professional football player Neil Morrissey, known as "Piss-Off" due to his response whenever he is asked to play.


1. Cast

  • James Cosmo as Billy Bailey
  • Laura Fraser as Rosemary Bailey
  • Max Beesley as Wullie Smith
  • Neil Morrissey as Piss-Off
  • Samantha Fox as Patsy
  • Ian Holm as Big Tam
  • Richard E. Grant as Gorgeous Gus
  • Isla Blair as Sheila Bailey
  • David Hayman as Scrapper
  • Tom Sizemore as Buffalo

2. Production

The Match was filmed in the Scottish village of Straiton in South Ayrshire.

One of the films production companies was Irish DreamTime, owned by actor Pierce Brosnan who appears in a cameo role in the film as John MacGhee. Footballer Alan Shearer also makes a cameo appearance.

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