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Piloña is a municipality in the province and autonomous community of Asturias, northwestern Spain. Its capital is the town of Infiesto. Piloña is bounded to the north by Villaviciosa and Colunga, to the east by Parres, to the west by Nava and Cabranes, and to the south by Ponga, Caso, Sobrescobio and Laviana. The area is semi-mountainous with many small, but deep and narrow valleys.

  • located in the municipalities of northeast Caravia, Colunga in the northwest, Piloña Parres and Ribadesella to the east and south. The Sierra del Sueve is calcareous
  • Deportiva Piloñesa is a Spanish football club based in Infiesto, Piloña in the autonomous community of Asturias. Founded in 1917, the club was consolidating
  • Krzyz, Lisow, Myslecin, Nowa Pilona Nowakowo, Nowakowo Trzecie, Nowe Batorowo, Nowina, Nowotki, Nowy Dwor, Pasieki, Pilona Przezmark, Przezmark - Osiedle
  • Spanish municipality of Parres, Asturias. It is located where the River Piloña joins the river Sella, in a narrow valley. The convergence of rivers makes
  • and is bordered to the west by Villaviciosa, to the south by Parres and Piloña and to the east by Caravia. The capital of the municipality is the parish
  • Catholic church in the neighborhood of Infiesto, of the municipality of Piloña in the autonomous community of Asturias, Spain. The church was established
  • the municipality of Candamo San Roman, a parish in the municipality of Piloña San Roman, a parish in the municipality of Sariego Castile - La Mancha San

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