ⓘ Bzyb Range

Bzyb Range

ⓘ Bzyb Range

Bzyb Range is a mountain range in Abkhazia on the southern slope of the western part of Greater Caucasus.

The Bzyb Ranges length is about 50 km and elevation is up to 3.033 m, it is made mainly of limestone with pronounced karst landscape. It is bounded by the valley of the Bzyb River from the north and west and partially by the valley of Kelasuri River, which separates it from the Abkhaz Range.

One of the attractions is the Snowy Cave ru:Пещера Снежная, the most speleologically complex in the whole former Soviet Union.

  • Caucasus Mountain Range runs along the region s northern border. The Gagra, Bzyb and Kodori Ranges branch off from the Main Caucasus Range The highest peaks
  • glacial system, with numerous glaciers occurring from the source of the Bzyb River in western Abkhazia to the Mamison Pass on the border with North Ossetia
  • by the deeply incised canyons of Sandripsh, Kutushara, Gega and Bzyb rivers. The Bzyb River separates Arabika from the adjacent Bzybsky Massif, another
  • west by the Black Sea as far as the river Corax probably the present day Bzyb River, Abkhazia, Georgia on the north by the chain of the Greater Caucasus
  • Greater Caucasus Mountain Range runs along the region s northern border, with its spurs  the Gagra, Bzyb and Kodori ranges dividing the area into a

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