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ⓘ Dahn

Dahn is a municipality in the Sudwestpfalz district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated in the Palatinate Forest, approximately 15 km southeast of Pirmasens, and 25 km west of Landau. It is part of the Verbandsgemeinde of Dahner Felsenland.

  • Rhineland - Palatinate, is located at the northern end of an elongated ridge near the town of Dahn The heart of the castle is situated on one of the sandstone rock outcrops
  • the small town of Dahn in the state of Rhineland - Palatinate. The rock castle of Grafendahn belongs to the group of castles at Dahn which also includes
  • rock pinnacle, about 26 metres 85 ft high, near the small German town of Dahn in the state of Rhineland - Palatinate and in the southern Palatine Forest
  • Forest, the German part of the Wasgau region, and is located near the town of Dahn in Rhineland - Palatinate, Germany. It stands 337 metres 1, 106 ft above sea
  • The Hochstein, near the little southwest Palatine town of Dahn in southwest Germany, is a rock formation that is very popular with sports climbers and
  • Gartenlaube, in the design of children s books and in works of his friend Felix Dahn He depicted scenes from Germanic and Norse mythology, legends and sagas
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  • alternatively A Fight for Rome is a historical novel written by Felix Dahn under the original title Ein Kampf um Rom which appeared in 1876 The late

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