ⓘ The Guide (film)

The Guide (film)

ⓘ The Guide (film)

The Guide is a 2014 Ukrainian drama film directed by Oles Sanin. It was selected as the Ukrainian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated. There was some controversy over the selection of the film in Ukraine regarding the voting process. There is a special audiodescripted version for blind people.


1. Plot

Soviet Ukraine, 1930s. American engineer Michael Shamrock arrives in Kharkiv with his ten-year-old son, Peter to help "build socialism". He falls in love with an actress Olga who has another admirer, Commissar Vladimir.

Under tragic circumstances, the American is killed and his son is saved from his pursuers by a blind bard kobzar. With no other chance to survive in a foreign land, the boy becomes his guide.


2. Cast

  • Iryna Sanina as Orysia
  • Jamala as Olga
  • Anton Sviatoslav Greene as Peter Shamrock
  • Stanislav Boklan as Ivan Kocherga
  • Oleksandr Kobzar as Comrade Vladimir
  • Jeff Burrell as Michael Shamrock