ⓘ Oberwesel


ⓘ Oberwesel

Oberwesel is a town on the Middle Rhine in the Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde Hunsruck-Mittelrhein, whose seat is in Emmelshausen.

  • Idstein the Witches Tower and the bergfried of Idstein Castle and Oberwesel the Oxen Tower The Marksburg above Braubach am Rhein had a square
  • taken prisoner in 1148. He was later strangled at Schonburg Castle, near Oberwesel in 1148 or 1149 Sophia, married Dirk VI, Count of Holland d. 6 August
  • almost directly opposite Sankt Goar west by the Loreley rock east Oberwesel west Kaub east Bacharach west Lorch east Assmannshausen east
  • Rabenlay is a shallows in the Rhine at river kilometre 548.5 - 549.0 near Oberwesel Mendiger Ley, basalt mine Leybucht near Norden East Frisia Plasterlegge
  • England and returned to the newly united German Empire, where he died in Oberwesel Evening in Balmoral The Sudden Shock in the Desert The Danger in the
  • Simmern, ZerfaS was a student of Regional cantor Franz Leinhauser in Oberwesel He studied at the Hochschule fur Musik Frankfurt, finishing in 1992 with
  • Jews, had temporarily collapsed. Already in 1287 the death of Werner of Oberwesel in the Rhineland had been blamed on Jews and about 500 were killed in
  • Berneck Castle in the Black Forest The shield wall of the Schonburg near Oberwesel The shield wall of the Sporkenburg The shield wall of Liebenzell Castle
  • flows the Grundelbach. Utzenhain lies 10 km from each of Emmelshausen, Oberwesel and Sankt Goar, the last two named being at the Hunsruck s outer edge

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