ⓘ Stereocaryum


ⓘ Stereocaryum

Stereocaryum is a group of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae, described as a genus in 1941. The entire genus is endemic to New Caledonia.

  • Stereocaryum rubiginosum Brongn. & Gris Burret.
  • Stereocaryum neocaledonicum Brongn. & Gris A.J.Scott.
  • Stereocaryum ovigerum Brongn. & Gris Burret.
formerly included

now in Syzygium

  • Stereocaryum symingtonianum M.R.Hend. A.J.Scott, syn of Syzygium symingtonianum M.R.Hend. I.M.Turner.
  • Stereocaryum watsonianum M.R.Hend. A.J.Scott, syn of Syzygium watsonianum M.R.Hend. I.M.Turner.
  • Plinia L. Pseudanamomis Kausel Psidium L. Rhodamnia Jack Rhodomyrtus DC. Rchb. Siphoneugena O.Berg Stereocaryum Burret Ugni Turcz. Uromyrtus Burret

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