ⓘ Neuenhaus


ⓘ Neuenhaus

Neuenhaus is a town in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim in Lower Saxony, and is the seat of a like-named collective municipality Neuenhaus. Neuenhaus lies on the rivers Dinkel and Vechte near the border with the Netherlands and is roughly 10 km northwest of Nordhorn, and 30 km north of Enschede.

  • the German Fleet of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Smidt was born in Neuenhaus district of Grafschaft Bentheim, in the Province of Hanover on 30 August
  • 000 inhabitants. It belongs to the Joint Community Samtgemeinde of Neuenhaus Of particular sightseeing interest are the church, built in 1687, the
  • Lieberhausen - Liefenroth - Lobscheid - Lutzinghausen - Luttersiefen - Muhle - Neuenhaus - Neuenschmiede - Niedergelpe - Niedernhagen - NiederseSmar - Nochen
  • Mediations, Museum Poznan Ursula Neugebauer, Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, Neuenhaus Ursula Neugebauer, Werkstadt Graz 2008: Aktinos - Mai - Photographs, les festivals
  • Helmuth 2005 Grafschaft Bentheim: Bad Bentheim - Nordhorn - Schuttorf - Neuenhaus - Uelsen - Emlichheim - Wietmarschen. Bremen: Edition Temmen. ISBN 3 - 86108 - 941 - 6
  • Niederhovel Niederhurxtal Niederlangenscheid Niedervahlefeld Neuenhaus Neuenherweg Neuenvahlefeld Nonnenennepe Nordeler Schleifkotten
  • 1828 8 September 1901 was a German statesman. Born Johannes Miquel at Neuenhaus Kingdom of Hanover, in 1829 as a descendant from a French family that
  • coats of arms from Bentheim district, among them those borne by Nordhorn, Neuenhaus De Wijk and Geldermalsen. In the early 19th century, the bearing of these
  • Genemuiden, Netherlands Vechte near Zwolle, Netherlands Dinkel in Neuenhaus Ems near Delfzijl, Netherlands Hase in Meppen Weser near Bremerhaven
  • of Steinfurt was part of Bouches - de - l Yssel and the arrondissement of Neuenhaus was part of Ems - Occidental. ISO 3166 - 2: FR List of French departments by

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