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ⓘ Friesoythe

Friesoythe, in Saterland Frisian language Ait or Ait, is a town in the district of Cloppenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the river Soeste, approximately 25 kilometres northwest of Cloppenburg, and 30 kilometres southwest of Oldenburg.

  • lost the northern parts of the county with the districts of Cloppenburg, Friesoythe and Bevergern to the Prince - Bishopric of Munster. Conrad of Tecklenburg - Schwerin
  • where the hell the food is. The Scheldt The Rhineland Closing Phases Friesoythe Canadian Army Historian C.P. Stacey commented that the only time he saw
  • refer to: Ait, a small island found in the middle of a river or lake Friesoythe the German town with Saterland Frisian name Ait or Ait Ait, Uttar
  • Category IV inland waterway Ems near Dorpen - southern Papenburg - northern Friesoythe - Hunte in Oldenburg In many places the canal runs parallel to the B 401
  • Monika Hilker born March 24, 1959 in Friesoythe Germany is a biologist and a professor at the Freie Universitat Berlin. She leads the Applied Zoology Animal
  • He lost northern parts of his territory, such as Cloppenburg, Vechta, Friesoythe and Bevergern to the Bishop of Munster. In Lower Lingen, he lost half
  • Retrieved 2019 - 11 - 23. Nordwest - Zeitung 2019 - 03 - 24 Cdu - Landesparteitag In Friesoythe in German Retrieved 2019 - 11 - 23. Reinhard Bingener
  • 1397 was a German theologian and nominalist philosopher. He was born at Friesoythe in Lower Saxony. Henry graduated M.A. at the University of Prague in 1355
  • Ems Sagter Ems, results from the confluence of Marka and Ohe north of Friesoythe - Neuscharrel Sudradde, rises east of the Hummling, northern tributary of
  • Totting von Oytha who descended from the Northern German town now known as Friesoythe took up teaching and administrative duties at the newly established

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