ⓘ Bullerby Syndrome

Bullerby Syndrome

ⓘ Bullerby Syndrome

The Bullerby Syndrome is a term referring to an idealization of Sweden, which may occur in German-speaking Europe. It consists of a stereotype image of Sweden with usually positive associations, including wooden houses, clear lakes, green forests, moose, people with blond hair, happy people and midsummer sunshine. The term comes from Astrid Lindgrens The Six Bullerby Children books, set in rural Sweden.

Berthold Franke at the Goethe-Institut in Stockholm, Sweden, wrote articles about the phenomenon, published in Svenska Dagbladet. He stated that it was originally a view of Sweden, but now also the wish for a better Germany. According to him, Sweden symbolizes a healthy society and nature untouched by mankind.

In February 2008, the term was named "Word of the month" by the Swedish Language Council.

  • started in 1984. A golf club, Sweden Hills Golf Club, is nearby. Bullerby Syndrome Suecophile Sweden Hills Japanese Midsummer in Sweden Hills Swedish