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Elze is a town in the district of Hildesheim, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the river Leine, approximately 15 km west of Hildesheim. The municipality of Elze also comprises the villages of Esbeck, Mehle, Sehlde, Sorsum, Wittenburg and Wulfingen.

Elze is one of the oldest settlements in the area, as its name comes from Latin: Aula caesaris, a castle of Charlemagne which he had established about 800 in the Saxon estates after his victory over the Duke of Widukind in the Saxon wars. The Emperor founded a missionary diocese in honor of saints Peter and Paul, which became the origin of the bishopric of Hildesheim. King Louis the Pious suffered the Episcopal Church in Hildesheim in 815, however, the Lutheran parish Church is dedicated to Peter and Paul and the saints is also depicted in the cities emblem.

The village of Wittenburg is the site of the former Augustininan of canons regular monastery, founded in the 14th century on the site of a former castle, maybe erected members of the Billung dynasty already in 805. The Abbey decayed in the course of the Protestant reformation, while the Gothic monastery Church is preserved.

In 1856 the Kingdom of Hanover opened the southern railway Sudbahn Hanover Hannoversche from Hanover to Kassel with a station in Elze. After the annexation by Prussia in 1866, the city became an important railway junction with the building Elze lawn Weserbahn train to löhne in Westphalia by entrepreneur Bethel Henry Strousberg, finished in 1875. Elze is also at the junction BundesstraSe 1 and 3 BundesstraSe Federal highway.

  • the station: Regional services RE 2 Uelzen - Celle - Hannover - Barnten - Elze - Kreiensen - Northeim - Gottingen Regional services RE 10 Hannover - Hildesheim
  • Thorn Kleine Passionen Richter und Dichter. Ein Lebensausweis, 1899 Elzes Leben Elze is Giljos a film version of Der Schaktarp, Lit - D, 1999 directed
  • Vlotho station is a station on the Elze Lohne railway in the east Westphalian town of Vlotho in the Herford district of the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia
  • provinces of Friesland and Groningen. Originally meaning from the house of Elso Elze it was in 1811, when surnames needed to be adopted by those families still
  • ranges in the Leine Uplands. It lies between Coppenbrugge, Eldagsen and Elze in the North German state of Lower Saxony. The Osterwald is located in the
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  • Sudosteuropa 2003 Der einzige slowenische Komponist dieser Zeit, mit dem man Elze vergleichen kann, war Kamilo Masek 1831 - 59 Leider starb Masek schon im
  • Blatt Elze Nr. 2089. Berlin 1927. Mit einem Begleitheft Erlauterungen zur Geologischen Karte von PreuSen und benachbarten deutschen Landern Blatt Elze von

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