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Rodermark is a town in the Offenbach district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany, southeast of Frankfurt am Main and northeast of Darmstadt.

  • Rodermark - Ober Roden station German: Bahnhof Rodermark - Ober Roden is the station of the Rodermark suburb of Ober - Roden in the German state of Hesse
  • listed for its cultural heritage. Rodermark - Urberach station serves the suburb of Urberach of the town of Rodermark At its opening in 1905, it was called
  • the new eastern terminal station is Rodermark - Ober - Roden. Wiesbaden Rodermark - Ober - Roden Hochheim Rodermark - Ober - Roden Hochheim Offenbach - Ost Hattersheim
  • editing by Johann Feith, Rodermark 2001 - Dokumentation uber Tschonopeler Donauschwaben in Rodermark Johann Feith, Rodermark 2004 - Chronik der Familie
  • Obertshausen and Rodgau to Rodermark - Ober - Roden stop on platform 2. In peak hour some trains to Offenbach Ost or Rodermark - Ober - Roden start on platform
  • May 2010 Verbandstag des Hessischen Schwimmverbandes in Rodermark News. SSG Rodermark Retrieved 28 February 2011. Cathleen Rund - deutsche Schwimmerin
  • Frankfurt S - Bahn network. A proposed extension of the line to Rodermark - Ober Roden via Rodermark - Urberach failed as it was found not to be economically justified
  • dismantled. From 14 December 2003, the Rodgau Railway between Offenbach and Rodermark - Ober - Roden became part of the Rhine - Main S - Bahn, but the section between
  • underground station, the City Tunnel, Offenbach Ost, Obertshausen and Rodgau to Rodermark - Ober - Roden stop at platform 3. In peak hour some short shuttle trains
  • 44 Italian and 0.20 Ladin as first language. Tramin is twinned with: Rodermark since 1978 Mindelheim, since 1994 Schwaz, since 1998 Superficie di Comuni
  • line S1 of the Rhine - Main S - Bahn, but only as far as Rodermark - Ober - Roden. Services between Rodermark - Ober - Roden and Dieburg are operated as an extension