ⓘ Vetluga River

Vetluga River

ⓘ Vetluga River

Vetluga is a river in the Kirov Oblast, Kostroma Oblast, Mari El Republic and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast of Russia. It is a left tributary of Volga, confluence near Kozmodemyansk. The river is navigable.

  • Sviyaga 37 km after the latter s source. The 219 km Vokhma joins the 889 km Vetluga 207 km below Veluga s source The Kadada 153 km from its Tahtala source
  • independent nation Maryland Russia or Marimland, a territory between Vetluga and Vyatka rivers inhabited by Mari people Maryland, Brownsea Island, an abandoned
  • Kitezh, a sunken city. The lake is located between the Kerzhenets and Vetluga rivers two tributaries of the Volga, in the Voskresenskoe Povetluzhye The
  • Mezha River a principal left tributary of the Unzha. Minor areas in the south and the very east of the district are in the basin of the Vetluga River another
  • next three years in the small town of Varnavino east of Moscow on the Vetluga River After the final days of the Russian Empire, these soldiers had a chance
  • studied Gorky s wanderings routes, held in his footsteps along the rivers Vetluga and Kerzhenets, visited the Middle Volga. He painted landscapes, made
  • long term settlements in lower Kama river region. The Balanovo culture occupied the region of the Kama Vyatka Vetluga interfluves where metal resources
  • Many rivers in Europe have alternative names in different languages. Some rivers have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This
  • gigantic Ob Irtysh Tobol Chulym river system, the mighty rivers of Eastern Siberia - the Yenisei, the upper course of the Angara River the Angara below Bratsk
  • from the Perm Station. Clean air, building space and proximity to the Kama River attracted townspeople here. The first building for Perm the Second station

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