ⓘ Jericho (1946 film)

Jericho (1946 film)

ⓘ Jericho (1946 film)

Jericho is a 1946 French war film directed by Henri Calef based on Operation Jericho. During the Second World War the Royal Air Force and the French Resistance take part in a joint operation known as "Jericho" to free fifty civilians being held as hostages by the occupying German Army in Amiens.


1. Cast

  • Gabrielle Fontan as Madame Michaud
  • Julienne Paroli as La cliente à la pharmacie
  • Paul Faivre
  • Line Noro as Rosa Duroc
  • Albert Michel as Le correspondant qui vient de Hollande
  • Guy Favieres as Le maire
  • Pierre Brasseur as Jean-Cesar Morin
  • Paul Demange as Andre Morget
  • Robert Seller as Lucien Sampet
  • Henri Nassiet as Le commandant Munchhausen
  • Albert Glado
  • Jean dYd as Un conseiller
  • Raphael Patorni as Batignolles
  • Maxime Joal
  • Howard Vernon as Un officier allemande
  • Pierre Larquey as Bequille
  • Jo Dest as Un policier allemand
  • Palau as Dietrich
  • Rene Genin as Camille Duroc
  • Pierre Sergeol as Lacteur
  • Nadine Alari as Alice Noblet
  • Raymond Pellegrin as Pierre, le fils du pharmacien
  • Fred Pasquali
  • Rudy Lenoir as Petit role
  • Michel Salina
  • Louis Seigner as Le docteur Noblet
  • Santa Relli as Simone Michaud
  • Reggie Nalder
  • Andre Carnege as Laumonier allemand
  • Raymond Raynal
  • Alfred Baillou
  • Roland Armontel as Muscat
  • Georges Paulais
  • François Viguier
  • Yves Deniaud as Robert Detaille
  • Jacques Henley
  • Jacques Charon as Le comte Jacques de Saint-Leu
  • Jean Brochard as Michaud
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