ⓘ Christmas in Connecticut (1992 film)

Christmas in Connecticut (1992 film)

ⓘ Christmas in Connecticut (1992 film)

Christmas in Connecticut is a 1992 American made-for-television Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and starring Dyan Cannon, Kris Kristofferson and Tony Curtis. It is a remake of the 1945 film of the same name.


1. Plot

Elizabeth is the star of a successful cooking show and author of several cookbooks. Alexander, her manager, sees a heroic forest ranger named Jefferson on the television news, saying he has lost his cabin in a fire and wishes he could get a home-cooked Christmas dinner. Alexander arranges for Elizabeth to do a special live show on Christmas, where she will cook a Christmas dinner for Jefferson. In reality, Elizabeth cant cook and trying to keep Jefferson and the viewing public from finding out may be a little difficult, especially on a live show.


2. Cast

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Man in Chair in front of Media uncredited cameo
  • Kelly Cinnante as Josie
  • Kris Kristofferson as Jefferson Jones
  • Richard Roundtree as Prescott
  • Tony Curtis as Alexander Yardley
  • Dyan Cannon as Elizabeth Blane
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