ⓘ Our Lady of Miracles

Our Lady of Miracles

ⓘ Our Lady of Miracles

The cult of Madonna of Miracles in Alcamo dates back to 21 June 1547, the day people remember the Madonnas apparition to some women near a stream running north of Alcamo.

Traditionally while washing their clothes in the torrent of the woman with the blind and deaf among them, saw the Ghost of the woman with child and got under the impulse of pebbles moved during the phenomenon, but without obtaining any injuries or pain, on the contrary, after being hit by stones, they strangely felt a certain sense of well-being and improve their health. After learning the news, the womens husbands, thinking that it was a joke, decided to find out about the event, thinking that someone is hiding among the bushes around, but they are not to find someone.

Then the local authorities inquired about the place, cut down the nearby woods and found ruins, "Cuba," the arc of the old mill that no one remembered anymore, and inside was a fresco on stone, made by an unknown artist of the 13th century, representing the virgin with the infant Jesus, who first called believers "Madonna Fons Misericordiae" is our lady, the source of mercy.

After this discovery, all the people began to pray before the image again and in the following days there were several miracles.

Then in 1547, our Lady of miracles became the patron Saint of Alcamo, in the substitution of the Holy crucified, who was the patron Saint of Alcamo and near other small towns, among which Calatafimi and Salemi. However, the old memory of the patron saints of Alcamo remains in the minds of the peoples: they are actually called San Francesco di Paola "Santu Patri", the translation of which means "protector", as a Church named after him called the Holy crucified Church.

Madonna discovered the image was called "the mother of God the source of mercy”, but due to the high number of subsequent miracles, in 1583, the name was changed to "the virgin of miracles."

In addition to these events, don Fernando VEGA, Governor and captain Alcamos of justice, ordered the construction of the sanctuary of our Lady of miracles, which houses the image of the Madonna. Inside the Church there is a white marble sarcophagus with the remains of Governor don Fernando VEGA, according to his will.

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