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DK (band)

ⓘ DK (band)

DK was a cult Soviet underground rock band founded in Moscow in 1980 by its drummer and leader Sergey Zharikov. It was one of the first Soviet and Russian experimental rock bands. DK was known for the dirty art punk style, sound that combined blues rock, free jazz and RIO, and their scandalous satirical anti-Soviet creativity. The band released about 40 albums from 1980 to 1990. DK was one of the most influential bands in USSR, influencing Soviet and Russian bands such as Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Sektor Gaza, Mongol Shuudan, and Dna Error.


1. History

Sergey Zharikov thought about creating his own rock band in 1979, after he returned from the army.

During the ten years of its existence, the band went through a few lineups, and only the drummer Sergey Zharikov remained a constant member of the band. He was also the author of the lyrics and music. The first album was recorded in the basement of a Moscow hostel on tape. The first vocalist was the singer Evgeny Morozov, a graduate of the Gnesin school of music. In 1984, Morozov was jailed for speculation. Dmitry Yashin was one of the co-founders of the group and almost a permanent member of staff. He was the lead guitarist in DK from 1981 to 1985 and from about 1987 to 1989. Yanshin was also the head of the band "Vesyoliye Kartinki", in which some former members of DK played. Sergey Letov was a saxophonist of DK from 1984 to 1989. He also remastered some of DKs albums.

In 2001, DK held an official reunion concert for their 20th anniversary. The members and organizers of concert were vocalist Igor Belov, guitarist Dmitry Yashin, bassist Sergey Polyansky, keyboardist Alexander Belonosov, saxophonist Sergey Letov, and drummer Sergey Zharikov. The concert was attended by music critic Sergei Guriev, Siberian rock musician Nick Rock-n-Roll, and many others.


2. Discography

  • Goliye Nogi 1982, 1983
  • Desyatiy Molodezhniy Album 1983
  • Chashka Chaya 1986
  • Okkupatsiya 1989
  • Malenkiy Prints 1984
  • Kisilyov 1984
  • Zerkalo - dushi 1988
  • Tsvetochniy Korol 1989
  • Minnoe Pole im. 8 Marta 1986
  • Neprestupnaya zabyvchivost 1988
  • DMB-85 1985
  • Chornaya Lentochka 1988
  • Boga Net 1984
  • Lirika 1983, 1985
  • V Gostyah U Veterana 1989
  • Geenno-Ognennoe 1986
  • Snova Lyubov poselitsya 1984
  • Pozhar V Mavzolee 1990
  • Vtoroe Aprelya 1984
  • Strizhenaya Umnaya Golovka 1984

Remastered compilated albums

  • Povedenie V Bytu 2010
  • Tonkaya Efirnaya Substantsiya 2008
  • Opera Magnum 2002
  • Nashi i Vashi 2008
  • Ti Stoyala U Morya 2008
  • Strannye Igry Zapreschyonnoy Rock-Gruppy S Orekhami I Vaflyami 2006
  • Mozart 2006
  • Semya Tsvetochnych Koroley 2001
  • Eto Tvoya Rodina, Synok! 2008
  • Natsionalny Proyekt 2006
  • Stereo 2008
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