ⓘ Allied London


ⓘ Allied London

Allied London is a property development and investment company that develops landmark projects ranging from re-use to regeneration developments across retail, commercial, office, residential, restaurant, and leisure sectors. The company also offers rental options. They own several buildings in the Spinningfields area of Manchester, as well as Glasgow, Leeds and London.


1. Properties

Allied Londons properties include:


  • Spinningfields
  • Civil Justice Centre
  • London Road Fire Station
  • The Bonded Warehouse
  • The Old Granada Studios
  • The Avenue
  • Hardman Square
  • The Lawns
  • Tower 12
  • The Avenue North
  • 3 Hardman Street
  • Leftbank


  • 28 Savile Row
  • Herbal House
  • Brunswick Centre
  • 20 Cannon Street
  • Poplar, London
  • Aldersgate
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