ⓘ Wetter, Hesse

Wetter, Hesse

ⓘ Wetter, Hesse

Wetter is a small town in Hesse, Germany. The rather unusual designation Wetter stems from a time when the town belonged to the Prussian province of the same name, and nowadays is only used by the railway – even today, the railway station in town bears this name.

  • Rhineland - Palatinate, Germany, tributary of the Wied Laubach Wetter a river of Hesse Germany, tributary of the Wetter Frank Laubach, Christian missionary and literacy
  • Budingen is a town in the Wetteraukreis, in Hesse Germany. It is mainly known for its well - preserved, heavily fortified medieval town wall and half - timbered
  • fertile undulating tract, watered by the Wetter a tributary of the Nidda River, in the western German state of Hesse between the hilly province Oberhessen
  • Albach born 1956 German politician Albach Wetter a river of Hesse Germany, tributary of the Wetter Rosa Albach - Retty 1874 1980 Austrian actress
  • The Nidda is a right tributary of the river Main in Hesse It springs from the Vogelsberg on the Taufstein mountain range near the town of Schotten, flows
  • Hedwig of Gudensberg, also known as Hedwig of Hesse 1098 1148 was German regent: she served as regent of Thuringia during the minority of her son Louis
  • Rhineland - Palatinate, and flows into the Lahn near Limburg an der Lahn in the state of Hesse The drainage basin of this river has an area of 323.67 square kilometres
  • Hirtenbach may refer to: Hirtenbach Buhler a river of Baden - Wurttemberg, Germany Hirtenbach Wetter a river of Hesse Germany
  • in the Upper Lahngau and from 1121, he was Count of Gudensberg in Lower Hesse and Imperial Standard Bearer. During his lifetime, the Gisones dynasty reached

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