ⓘ Seitz Lake (Nevada)

Seitz Lake (Nevada)

ⓘ Seitz Lake (Nevada)

Seitz Lake is a glacial tarn in the Ruby Mountains, in Elko County in the northeastern part of the state of Nevada. It is located near the head of Seitz Canyon at approximately 40°38.2′N 115°27.4′W, and at an elevation of 8915 feet. It has an area of approximately 17 acres, and a depth of up to 20 feet.

Seitz lake is a major source of stream Rabbit Creek formerly known as the Seitz Creek, which after exiting the mountains passes near the town of spring Creek and local attractions include ski area meanders down the valley, and then merges with the main branch of the Humboldt river between Halleck and Elbrus, NV.

The lake was named in honor of brothers George and Edward Seitz, who were early farmers in pleasant valley. George eventually left the area, but ed Seitz became the Sheriff of Elko County in 1869.

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