ⓘ Cache Creek (Sacramento River tributary)

Cache Creek (Sacramento River tributary)

ⓘ Cache Creek (Sacramento River tributary)

Cache Creek starts at the outlet of Clear Lake. It has two main tributaries: North Fork starting in the Mendocino National Forest north of Clear Lake, and dammed by the Indian Valley Reservoir, and Bear Creek starting in Bear Valley.

Dam means a Diversion to the West so, diverts water for distribution throughout Yolo County using a network of channels. At the end of the valley, so near Esparto, cache Creek runs to the East, in the Sacramento valley, ending in lagoons to the East of the forest, the overflow, which flows into the Sacramento river through the flood control channel.

In addition to the recreational use of the lake and Indian valley reservoir there are numerous trail-heads, parks and campgrounds, including bear point Valley of wild flowers. Bear Creek and Cache Creek to escape in a picturesque valley along highway 16 in colusa and Yolo County, including the regional cache Creek Park. Cache Creek offers rafting in the spring, when its flooded, and in summer using the water flow in agriculture. The whole area South of highway 20 and West of route 16 is the reserve, two herds of Tule Elk.

  • States Cache Creek Mokelumne River a Sierra Nevada tributary of the North Fork Mokelumne River Cache Creek Sacramento River a tributary stream in
  • experiences southerly outflow into the Pit River the most northerly tributary of the Sacramento The Sacramento and its wide natural floodplain were once
  • wilderness is Cache Creek a tributary of the Sacramento River in high rainfall years Cache Creek is one of two tributaries Putah Creek is the other
  • Bidwell Sacramento River State Park is a state park of California, United States, preserving riparian habitat on the Sacramento River and its tributary Big
  • Santa Cruz County, California Bear Creek Colusa County a tributary of Cache Creek and ultimately the Sacramento River in the Inner Coastal Ranges
  • to tributaries Smith River Rowdy Creek Mill Creek Myrtle Creek South Fork Smith River Craigs Creek Coon Creek Rock Creek Gordon Creek Goose Creek Hurdygurdy
  • County a tributary to Cache Creek within Colusa County draining the Inner Coastal Range. Part of the larger Sacramento River Watershed Bear Creek Kinchafoonee
  • lakebed lies entirely within the Upper Cache Creek Watershed and the lake drains to the Sacramento River through Yolo County. During the summer months
  • Lake Berryessa. It includes the watersheds of Cache Creek and Putah Creek tributaries to the Sacramento River The geographical boundaries are informal and
  • tunnel to Clear Lake, from which the water would flow down Cache Creek to the Sacramento River From the beginning, these dams were heavily contested by
  • 19th Century. Cow Creek a Sacramento River tributary that runs south through Palo Cedro, was a conduit for entrance into the Sacramento Valley by Hudson
  • following the North Fork Cache Creek and tributaries to the Lake - Colusa County line. During its final descent into the Sacramento Valley, SR 20 intersects