ⓘ District Council of Port Germein

District Council of Port Germein

ⓘ District Council of Port Germein

The District Council of Port Germein was a local government area in South Australia, centred on the town of Port Germein. It was gazetted on 5 January 1888 under the provisions of the District Councils Act 1887 and encompassed the hundreds of Baroota, Wongyarra, Booleroo, Telowie, Darling and Appila. It replaced an abortive earlier municipality, the Corporate Town of Port Germein, which had been established on 15 September 1887 when residents, concerned about increased taxation and their interests being lost in a broader shire under the forthcoming reforms, decided to incorporate the town. The local residents reportedly regretted the decision, and when the Act passed late in the year creating the new District Council, state parliament agreed to amalgamate the Corporate Town into the new municipality.

The section of the municipality is divided into 16 February 1933, when it was merged with the district Council of Hammond and the majority of the district Council of Woolundunga as recreated district Council of Wilmington. In 1936, the official city record of South Australia described the Council of port Germein as "one of the largest in South Australia" covering an area 517.760 acres. Its population is estimated at 5.343, with 1.200 of taxpayers. In 1954, reportedly had a population of 3.371. In 1980, he was United with the district Council of Wilmington in the form of the district Council of mount remarkable.

  • Port Germein is a small sea - side town in the Australian state of South Australia located about 219 kilometres 136 mi north of the state capital of Adelaide
  • the Hundred of Willowie and part of the Hundred of Gregory to the District Council of Port Germein It was renamed the District Council of Hammond on 25
  • pastoral leases. The District Council of Mount Remarkable was formed when the District Council of Port Germein and District Council of Wilmington areas merged
  • Port Germein as the recreated District Council of Wilmington on 16 February 1933 a section of Woolundunga was also merged into the District Council of Kanyaka
  • local government areas of the Port Pirie Regional Council and District Council of Mount Remarkable. Search result for Germein Bay Locality Bounded
  • corporate town. The District Council of Wilmington and District Council of Port Germein were established at Wilmington and Port Germein respectively, by
  • His eldest son, Nigel S. Giles, later served as chairman of the District Council of Port Germein Clement Giles: SA Parliament PERSONAL Laura Standard
  • east from the township of Booleroo Centre, about 10 km 6.2 mi west and 7 km 4.3 mi south. The District Council of Port Germein established in 1888 brought
  • the District Council of Mount Remarkable, which was formed by amalgamation of Wilmington and Port Germein councils Placename Details: Hundred of Gregory
  • council in 1892. The District Council of Pirie then lay west, north west and north of Crystal Brook council District Council of Port Germein lay north and north