ⓘ Epimachus


ⓘ Epimachus

Epimachus is a genus of bird-of-paradise from highland forests in New Guinea. These two species are surely one of the more bizarre members of the family.

The common name "sicklebill" refers to their long, decurved, sickle-shaped bill. What makes the males of these birds eccentric are two aspects: firstly, their hyperbolically long, saber-like, black tails that reach around 18 inches alone; the other features are two marvelous pectoral fans on each side of the breast that the birds bring up over their heads during their displays. There are extensive iridescent areas of feathers found on the head and back of the males; additionally, blue gloss is present on the tail. The females of both species both have barred underparts, olive-brown upperparts and relatively long tails, though not as extensive as the males tails.

The Epimachus birds are often referred to as "Long-tailed" Sicklebills when describing them collectively as a genus. The other sicklebills genus Drepanornis are referred to as the "Short-tailed" sicklebills. Ironically, the two genera are not closely related. The Epimachus members belong to a clade with the astrapias and paradigallas, while the Drepanornis species are closely related to the Twelve-wired bird-of-paradise, Standarwing bird-of-paradise, superb birds-of-paradise, and the riflebirds. There may also be confusion with the birds of the same name that belong to the hummingbird family, found in the Americas.

  • the Oxyrhynchite nome from Epimachus son of Pausiris, son of Ptolemaeus, whose mother is Heraclea, daughter of Epimachus an inhabitant of the village
  • female is smaller and paler than the male. BirdLife International 2012 Epimachus bruijnii IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN. 2012. Retrieved
  • overall brown plumage. The genus is sometimes considered a subgenus of Epimachus but the two members of Drepanornis have a far shorter tail and their
  • Epimachus Jacobus Johannes Baptista Eppo Cremers 15 June 1823 in Groningen 27 October 1896 in Zurich was a Dutch politician. He was Minister of
  • younger brother. It is addressed to the keepers of the archives, Theon and Epimachus It concerns a one third share is a double - towered house in the city of
  • Christians, and laid in a crypt on the Latin Way beside the body of Saint Epimachus who had been recently interred there. The two saints gave their name
  • are observed on 14 Pashons by the Coptic Orthodox Church. Saint Pachomius the Great 64 A.M. 348 A.D. Saint Epimachus of Pelusium Coptic Synexarion
  • discoverer of new species of birds - of - paradise, such as the: Brown sicklebill Epimachus meyeri Finsch named in honor of Adolf Bernard Meyer. Stephanie s astrapia
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