ⓘ District Council of Kanyaka-Quorn


ⓘ District Council of Kanyaka-Quorn

The District Council of Kanyaka-Quorn was a local government area in South Australia that existed from 1969 to 1997.

The Council began its work on 1 April 1969 with the merger of the corporate city Quorn with the surrounding district Council Kanyaka. It works from the former Boston offices of the Council.

In 1983, the Council issued the book in honor of the 100th anniversary of local government in the area.

The Council United with the district Council of Hawker, to form the Flinders ranges Council on January 1, 1997, which continued to meet their former offices.

  • contained the main hall, an office shared between the Quorn council and the District Council of Kanyaka a public reading room and library, and a room for
  • amalgamated with the southerly adjacent District Council of Kanyaka - Quorn to form the Flinders Ranges Council which currently is the local government
  • large portion of the Hundred of Willochra to the District Council of Kanyaka in the 1890s, and gained the Hundred of Moockra from Kanyaka in 1894. It was
  • parts of the County of Newcastle west of the Dutchmans Range and Middle Range ridge line Kanyaka council west border as well as the Hundred of Winninowie
  • DISTRICT COUNCIL Quorn Mercury. South Australia. 29 April 1921. p. 4. Retrieved 17 March 2016 via National Library of Australia. Coglin District
  • purchased a property near Quorn He was chairman of the District Council of Hammond for fifteen years, and was a District Council of Kanyaka councillor for over
  • Library of Australia. CARRIETON DISTRICT COUNCIL Quorn Mercury. SA. 10 September 1920. p. 3. Retrieved 1 February 2016 via National Library of Australia
  • locality had a population of 1, 230, of which 1, 131 lived in its town centre. Quorn is the home of the Flinders Ranges Council local government area. It
  • Library of Australia. YONGALA DISTRICT COUNCIL Quorn Mercury. South Australia. 11 June 1920. p. 4. Retrieved 20 March 2016 via National Library of Australia

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