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ⓘ RVAH-12

RVAH-12 was established on 1 July 1965 at NAS Sanford, Florida, the first squadron to specifically formed to operate the RA-5C Vigilante. Early in its history, RVAH-12 was selected as the short-term host for a little known, and at the time, highly sensitive project known as Snare. This involved the installation of an articulated infrared spectrum sensor on the top side of two aircraft, BuNo 148933 and BuNo 151727, just ahead of the vertical stabilizer. The purpose of Snare was to obtain laser emitter and other related data from special Soviet Tu-16 Badger, Tu-95 Bear, and M-4 Bison long range bombers flying observation missions of U.S. Navy carrier battle groups from Russian soil. Snare operations were conducted for a short period during RVAH-12s 1971-1972 Mediterranean deployment aboard USS Independence.

With the end of the Vietnam war, RVAH-12 returned to the United States training and forward deployed presence of the cold war, operations on aircraft carriers of the fleet. In addition, budget constraints and force reductions after the war in Vietnam, forces of the Ministry of defense, to once again close several U.S. air bases, including NAS Albany, Georgia. In January 1974 RVAH-12 moved home stations we have Albany NAS Key West, Florida.

RVAH-12C and subsequent deployment as follows:

  • 30 March 1977 - 21 October 1977, RVAH-12 was embarked aboard USS Independence for a Mediterranean deployment.
  • On 31 October 1978, an RVAH-12 RA-5C, BuNo 156610, experienced a landing mishap ashore at Naval Station Rota, Spain. The aircraft was damaged beyond economical repair and was stricken in place at NS Rota where it continued to be used as a crash and egress trainer for the stations crash, fire and rescue personnel.
  • 3 October 1978 - 7 February 1979, USS Saratoga for a Mediterranean deployment and RVAH-12s final overseas deployment.
  • 17 September 1974 – 20 May 1975, RVAH-12 was embarked on USS Enterprise for a WESTPAC deployment.

Fading of the hull and increasing the maintenance and flight hour costs of the RA-5C in a limited military budget environment has forced the Navy to gradually retire the RA-5C and sunset RVAH community beginning in mid-1974. Carrier-based scout was simultaneously held the WWF community service we have Miramar and the naval reserve of the WWF community at Andrews AFB / NAF Washington DC with RF-8G crusaders to 29 March 1987, when the last RF-8G was retired and that the mission was fully transferred to active duty and naval reserve VF community we have Miramar, hotel Oceana NAS Dallas, NAS jrb Fort worth, and a secondary role, with the F-14 Tomcat equipped with tactical air reconnaissance system under tarps.

After his return from final deployment the Mediterranean sea in 1979, RVAH-12 was disbanded at NAS Key West on July 2, 1979, after 14 years and 1 day of active military service.

  • 153061, 153066, 150069, 150912 and North American RA - 5C Vigilantes of RVAH - 11, 148932, 149284, and 149305. 2 August A US Navy LTV A - 7 Corsair II BuNo
  • CVW - 11 in the Currently Active Wings section. CVG - 12 2nd Tail Code D 1950 NJ 1957 See RCVW - 12 in the Disestablished Carrier Air Wings section
  • RVAH - 14 RA - 5C Vigilante over NAS Albany in 1969
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  • USS Forrestal  CVA - 59 in LantFlex 2 62, a nuclear strike exercise from 6 12 July, providing eight pre - planned strikes and six call strikes while operating
  • 1985 VAH - 3 RVAH - 3 Sea Dragons VAH - 3: 14 Jun 1956 - 1 Jul 1964 RVAH - 3: 1 Jul 1964 - 17 Aug 1979 VAH - 3: A3D A - 3 Skywarrior A3J A - 5 Vigilante RVAH - 3: RA - 5C Vigilante
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  • Disestablished in February 1959. VAH - 13 Re - designated RVAH - 13 January 1961 Disestablished in June 1976. RVAH - 12 July 1971 Disestablished in July 1979.

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