ⓘ Village Detective

Village Detective

ⓘ Village Detective

Village Detective is a 1969 Soviet crime comedy film directed by Ivan Lukinsky and based on the novella of the same name by Vil Lipatov. Lyrical detective lives of rural local policeman Aniskin.

Later on the screens came two sequels: Aniskin and Fantomas 1973 and Aniskin Again 1978.


1. Plot

At the head of the village club stole accordion. For the collective farm is an event - virtually crime of the century, according to the district Aniskin accordion is worth more than a good cow. His responsibilities solve this crime. Suspicion falls on the opponents head - they are both looking for love local store saleswoman.


2. Cast

  • Mikhail Zharov as Fyodor Ivanovich Aniskin, rural district and a police lieutenant
  • Anatoly Kubatsky as Ivan, an old farmer
  • Roman Tkachuk as Gennady Pozdnyakov, head of the club
  • Natalya Sayko as Zina Aniskina, their daughter
  • Vladislav Balandin as Rafail
  • Yuri Chernov as balalaika player Stepan
  • Nikolay Skorobogatov as Ivan Ivanovich, chairman of the kolkhoz
  • Lidiya Smirnova as Yevdokia Mironovna Pronina, Rural shop clerk
  • Tatyana Pelttser as Glafira Aniskina, his wife
  • Georgy Slabinyak as Vitaly Pankov