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ⓘ Valenciennes

Valenciennes, Dutch: Valencijn, Picard: Valincyinne, Latin: Valentianae) is a commune in the Nord department in northern France.

It is situated on the Scheldt France: the river Scheldt. While in the city and region experienced steady population decline between 1975 and 1990, since then he has recovered. According to the census of 1999 the population of the commune of Valenciennes was 41.278, and the Metropolitan area was 399.677.

  • 81667 - 117.30000 Tributaries of the Columbia River Valenciennes disambiguation Valenciennes River BC Geographical Names. Bush River BC Geographical
  • Its seat is in Aulnoy - lez - Valenciennes It consists of the following communes: Artres Aubry - du - Hainaut Aulnoy - lez - Valenciennes Bellaing Famars Haspres Haulchin
  • The Battle of Valenciennes was part of the Hundred Days Offensive at the end of World War I. Occurring on 1 and 2 November 1918, it resulted in the capture
  • Pierre - Henri de Valenciennes December 6, 1750 February 16, 1819 was a French painter who was influential in elevating the status of open - air painting
  • the Poor Clare monastery in Valenciennes taking the name Josephine. Her sister Marie was an Ursuline, also in Valenciennes When the monasteries and convents
  • The Siege of Valenciennes took place between 6 December 1566 and 23 March 1567 at Valenciennes then in the Habsburg Netherlands. It is considered the
  • The organ of Valenciennes named after the French naturalist Achille Valenciennes is one of two secondary sexual organs of the female of the genus Nautilus
  • Herman de Valenciennes 12th - century French poet, was born at Valenciennes His father and mother, Robert and Herembourg, belonged to Hainaut, and gave
  • Technological Research D.R.T The ENSIAME is a member of the Polymeca network. ENSIAME Homepage University of Valenciennes Valenciennes City Web page
  • Pristurus crucifer, also known as the cross - marked semaphore gecko or Valenciennes rock gecko is a species of lizard in the Sphaerodactylidae family found
  • season with his hometown club, Valenciennes before retiring. He obtained his first assignment as a manager with Valenciennes in 1986, serving for one season

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