ⓘ Knight Moves (film)

Knight Moves (film)

ⓘ Knight Moves (film)

Knight Moves is a 1992 American thriller film, directed by Carl Schenkel and written by Brad Mirman, about a chess grandmaster who is accused of several grisly murders.


1. Synopsis

In 1972 David and Peter face each other in a chess match. The loser stabs the winner repeatedly with a fountain pen, leaving his opponent with everlasting bodily scars. The losers savage attack on his childhood opponent after his public humiliation and defeat leads to the dissolution of his parents marriage. His father leaves forever and the boy finds his mother dying from being slashed with a broken bottle. The boy spends the next twenty years in and out of asylums and foster care. In the meantime he becomes one of the youngest, most successful chess grandmasters in history. A brilliant yet troubled widower with a beloved daughter, he suddenly finds himself a suspect in his casual lovers murder. When more homicides occur, Captain Frank Sedman and his partner Detective Andy Wagner determine that a serial killer is at work on a Pacific Northwest island. As the chess master becomes more and more connected to the deaths, psychologist Kathy Sheppard is brought in to figure out if the chess prodigy is as innocent as he claims to be. As the film comes to its conclusion, it is revealed that Peter was the one assaulted at the chess match in 1972. And that David who is the actual killer has been working as a police intern under a new alias.

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