ⓘ Valle Soprana

Valle Soprana

ⓘ Valle Soprana

Valle Soprana lies about six miles from Teramo, near the edge of the Gran Sasso National Park. Leading up to the ridge of f the Asino Hills, the countryside surrounding Valle Soprana is characterized by a series of trails tratturi that in the past were used by shepherds in their yearly migration of sheep transhumance from the Abruzzo to the Apulia and Lazio regions of Italy.

Valle Soprana is sitting on the Bank of the stream called Fiumiciello, a small tributary of the river Tordino. SP47 provincial road, which runs from Frondarola in Pagliaroli, crosses the city.

  • borders the following municipalities: Dego, Gottasecca, Levice, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, Piana Crixia, and Prunetto. Superficie di Comuni Province e Regioni
  • in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located in the Valle Stura about 100 kilometres 62 mi southwest of Turin and about 40 kilometres
  • about 25 kilometres 16 mi northwest of Cuneo. It is located in the lower Valle Po across the Po River. Martiniana Po borders the following municipalities:
  • southwest of Turin and about 20 kilometres 12 mi southwest of Cuneo, in the Valle Stura di Demonte. Demonte borders the following municipalities: Aisone
  • municipalities: Bergolo, Castelletto Uzzone, Feisoglio, Gorzegno, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, Prunetto, and Torre Bormida. Superficie di Comuni Province e Regioni
  • and about 15 kilometres 9 mi northwest of Cuneo at the entrance of the Valle Maira. Ponte Vecchio, also known as Ponte del Diavolo Devil s Bridge
  • 9 mi southwest of Cuneo, on the border with France. It is part of the Valle Gesso. Valdieri borders the following municipalities: Aisone, Borgo San
  • border with France. It consists of a series of sparse hamlets in the upper Valle Stura di Demonte. The municipal seat is in Bersezio, on the road to the
  • Perno contains the frazioni subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets Valle Rossi, San Giuseppe, and Villa. Sommariva Perno borders the following municipalities:

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