ⓘ Falkenstein, Saxony-Anhalt

Falkenstein, Saxony-Anhalt

ⓘ Falkenstein, Saxony-Anhalt

Falkenstein/Harz is a town in the Harz district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was created in 2002 by merging the town of Ermsleben with the former municipalities of Endorf, Meisdorf, Neuplatendorf, Pansfelde, Reinstedt und Wieserode. The new community was named after Falkenstein Castle.

  • Ludwig II of Bavaria King of Prussia Kaiser William I King of Saxony Albert of Saxony King of Wurttemberg Charles I of Wurttemberg Grand Duke of Baden
  • towns Thuringia: 118 cities and towns Brandenburg: 113 cities and towns Saxony - Anhalt 104 cities and towns Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania: 84 cities and towns
  • German: StraSe der Romanik is a scenic route in the German state of Saxony - Anhalt in central - east Germany. It is part of the Transromanica network, a
  • with the following communities: Dieulefit in France Tangermunde in Saxony - Anhalt Germany Budakeszi in Hungary Vanersborg in Sweden It is also associated
  • on the Magdeburg Thale railway in Halberstadt in the German state of Saxony - Anhalt A terminal station was opened in the town in 1843. A new through station
  • Saxony - Anhalt Falkenstein Saxony - Anhalt Gerbstedt, Hettstedt 06343 Mansfeld 06347 Gerbstedt 06366 Kothen Anhalt 06369 Kothen Anhalt
  • killer. He was executed for multiple crimes in an area now known as Saxony - Anhalt In the spring of 1600, a man who was believed to be the Thousand Devils
  • Northern Germany and its rugged terrain extends across parts of Lower Saxony Saxony - Anhalt and Thuringia. The name Harz derives from the Middle High German

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