ⓘ Gela (river)

Gela (river)

ⓘ Gela (river)

The Gela river is located in Sicily. It originates from the Disueri lake and, after about 59 kilometers, flows into the Strait of Sicily of the Mediterranean Sea, near the homonymous town.

  • Italian village and the only civil parish frazione of the municipality of Gela in the Province of Caltanissetta, Sicily. In 2001 its population was 387
  • distributed its sand and silt to the beaches of the Gulf of Gela Himera was the ancient name of two rivers in Sicily, the Grande flowing to the north into the
  • determined, that the Syracusans were defeated by Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela in a great battle. Herod. vii. 154 Pind. Nem. ix. 95 and Schol. ad loc
  • attacked Gela in the spring of 405 BC. Dionysius I had become supreme commander of Syracuse by this time, but his army was defeated at Gela Although
  • against the city of Gela founded by a Cretan - Rhodian effort. Akrillai was also a road - station on the route from Syracuse to Gela and Akragas. By passing
  • the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Desert in the south. Gelo, the tyrant of Gela takes advantage of an appeal by the descendants of the first colonist of
  • retake Gela two days later and the 3rd Battalion, 34 Livorno Regiment, is recorded by its commanding officer as having made a valiant effort in the Gela Beachhead
  • coast of Sicily, at the mouth of the Salso River the ancient Himera about midway between Agrigento and Gela It is a major seaport developed at the turn
  • Messina and Gela through Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa, serves the locality. Cassibile also contains a minor railway station on the Syracuse - Gela - Canicattì
  • Erub - Jimmy Joe Gela Division 15 Mer - William Robert Akee 2008: Frederick Fred Solomon Gela 2012: Frederick Fred Solomon Gela elected unopposed

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